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Wisconsin Fire Certification

On May 23, 1978, the WBVTAE approved the provision of certification to the Wisconsin fire service. The WBVTAE at the same time adopted the National Professional Qualifications for the Fire Service, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1000 Series Standards and any future standards of the series as those which shall be used for identifying criteria and process for the certification of Wisconsin fire service personnel.

The WTCS provides third party IFSAC accredited certification according to the most recent, applicable NFPA standard in 5 categories at 10 different levels. Certification entails, after satisfying certain prerequisites, passing the certification process for a given category and level. Certification is not necessarily a means of determining who may participate in the vocation or avocation of fire fighting, but is rather a symbol of dedication and commitment by the certified individual. Certification also provides documentation that the individual has demonstrated a high level of proficiency established through national consensus.

Fire Service certification in the state of Wisconsin is not mandated by any state agency. Certification, rather, is an endeavor to be undertaken voluntarily by individuals or collective members of fire departments, and is an exclusive service provided by the WTCS.

Certification Levels
Certifications Levels that are offered through the State of Wisconsin and their descriptions.

Certification Process

The certification process of becoming Wisconsin state certified and the program requirements.

Testing Process
The certification testing process for becoming Wisconsin state certified including the written and practical skills examinations and also the practical skills schedule.

Reciprocity/Challenge process.

Replacement Certificate
Replacement of Wisconsin Technical College System Fire Service Training certificate(s).

Preparation Guides
These guides contain pertinent information designed to assist candidates in preparing for the certification process for the category and level of certification chosen.

Program Policy and Procedures Manual - updated January, 2010
This publication lists the policies and methods adopted to facilitate administration of a fire service certification program and the prerequisites, training, examination, and certificate issue/expiration criteria to become certified at the level of certification chosen which satisfies national and/or international standards.

Last modified: January 13, 2010

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