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Accountability Reports Perkins Primer Julie Tyznik
(608) 261-6538
Adult Education Reports   Alejandro Nunez
(608) 261-4593
Apprenticeship Completer System Apprenticeship Completer System Julie Tyznik
(608) 261-6538
Client Reporting System
      Dynamic Reports
      Static Reports
      NEW! Dynamic Program Detail Reports
Client Reporting System Mike Carney
(608) 266-0021
Course Approval/Program Curriculum Systems Course Approval System
Program Curriculum System
James Wichern
(608) 266-7962
Graduate Follow-up System Graduate Follow-Up System Julie Tyznik
(608) 261-6538
Employer Followup Employer Follow-Up System Julie Tyznik
(608) 261-6538
Evaluation Reports Evaluation User's Guide Julie Tyznik
(608) 261-6538
WTCS Fact Book   Mike Carney
(608) 266-0021
WTCS Cost Allocation Report   Mike Carney
(608) 266-0021
Longitudinal Followup Longitudinal Follow-Up System Julie Tyznik
(608) 261-6538
Perkins NTO and program enrollment Reports   Julie Tyznik
(608) 261-6538

Program/Instructional Area Systems

    Link to Cluster and Pathway lists

  Benjamin Emmel
(608) 267-2481
School to Work Reports   Ann Westrich
(608) 261-4588
Uffas System
     Dynamic Reports
     Static Reports
Uniform Financial Fund Accounting System (UFFAS) Pete Petersen
(608) 266-1433

WTCS Annual Client Reporting Guide is a Microsoft Word Document describing Client Reports
(December 2002)

WTCS Reports Printing Instructions a Microsoft Word Document that describes how to print reports on 8 1/2" x 11" pages.

Fiscal Years 97-02 Client Reports have been zipped and moved to ... CliZip\default.htm

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